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284556_240042589363045_5353029_nWelcome to Single Mom Family: Loving Life Together. My name is Shannon, and I am mom to Skye and Zowie, two amazing young adult women. I’m also Memay to a Little Man who stole my heart, and more recently to Little Miss who also stole my heart.

I work as a front desk agent at an inn, I’m a fiction author, and I love to blog and write nonfiction.

It took me a while to come up with the name for this blog, because I wanted the title and tagline to show how I felt about being a single mom while I was raising my daughters.

Simply put, I loved our life together. So I decided to put that in the tagline for the blog.

Even though we did not have a lot of money and a large home, and all the other things we may have wanted, we still had a good life. We did not go on grand vacations, but we did do some fun stuff while the girls were growing up. We were even able to take in loved ones who needed a place to stay at times.

One of my biggest focuses while raising my girls was to teach them to be independent. This meant they needed to learn a variety of life skills, many of which aren’t taught widely any more. From cooking at a young age and helping to take care of a younger sibling or cousins, to learning how to clean near about everything, the girls would able to run a household when they moved out if it killed me. They needed to know that they could make it out there in the big bad world, and that meant that they also needed to learn frugality.

When the girls were 12 and 10, they cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal, including pies and breads from scratch. They came to me that morning proposing I take a day to relax in my room, so they could do this, and I agreed. I figured if they needed me for anything I was right down the hall. They did a wonderful job with every aspect of the meal, and even made table decorations. I was such a proud momma that day.

Education was important, even if it wasn’t acquired traditionally. While both girls started out in public school, I ended up homeschooling them for most of their education. I loved watching them learn, and allowed them to delve fully into things they would have only skimmed over in public school. There interest were as important to me as the rest of their education.

Being a single mom has been the single most cherished experience of my life, and I want to share my experiences with you, as well as information on how you, too, can cherish raising your children as a single mom.

I’m also going to add sections that are related to my family at this time. For instance, Zowie and Devan have a son we lovingly call Little Man, so I’m now a Memay! I don’t get to see them often because they moved away, but I’ll be writing about my life as a grandmother.

With them away, and Skye and her boyfriend Dom away as well, I get plenty of calls for advice on any number of things. I’ll also be writing some about parenting adult children, to reflect this phase in our lives.

Enjoy the offerings on this blog, and please join in on the conversation. What could be better than a community of single mom families!


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