Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Introducing My Family!


My name is Shannon! I write this blog, and others. I’m a nonfiction writer, a fiction author, and I work as a front desk agent at an inn not far from my home. I worked my way up at the inn, starting out in housekeeping and then in the laundry room. And finally at the front desk where I am paid more. At one point, I was doing all three jobs at the inn, while also learning a few maintenance tasks, but I now work only as a front desk agent. Though I still do housekeeping and small maintenance tasks when needed.

My favorite thing to do is write. I do some amount of writing for the blogs or on other projects almost daily. It is my passion. I also love to get crafty, read, walk, and take photographs.

In my free time, I like being out in nature. Last year the bestest and I went up north to visit my daughters, Skye, and her boyfriend. We hiked down to Fish River Falls and got some lovely photographs. I also got poison ivy. Yuck! I hike the bike paths and surrounding areas near my home. Sometimes I bring my writing with me and find a pretty place to sit and write.

I love spending time with my daughters and grandson more than anything else in the world, but they live away from home. I tend to take lots of pictures when we get together, to preserve the memories.

I can’t wait for their visits at Yule and just before Christmas this year. We celebrate both sabbats and holidays in our family.

The feature photo for this blog post is one of me when I was a little girl. I loved that dress, from what I’m told . I do remember the swing set in the background.

Now I want to introduce you to the most important people in my life. You’ll be hearing a lot about them on this blog, so I figure you might as well know who they are. In no particular order, they are:

11407143_1451042831858240_3938158953738905931_nSkye and Dominick

My daughter Skye is 27. She lives with her boyfriend, Dominick, in up in Northern Maine, where she works at the Gas ‘N Go and, until last year, also worked at the inn up there. They have three cats and a dog. Last year, Skye grew some of her own food. I was surprised, because food gardening was one of her least favorite things as a teenager, but I was also proud. I knew she could pull it off because I had taught her how.

Skye and Dominick have times when they must be more frugal than other times, as jobs change and other factors come into play. They do this well, and they both work hard in an area that does not offer up a lot on the job front.

She is a very bubbly, outgoing young lady whom I lovingly called the Drama Queen for a long time. I can remember her visiting when she first moved away, sending her home each time with bags of groceries from my pantry. Later she told me she had spent some time living in a truck. She’s come a long way since those days, and I am proud of her.

Skye and I call each other and chat in between visits.

1781838_10152842139702668_5376527904616888488_oZowie and Devan

My daughter Zowie is 24. She, her husband Devan, and their son Little Man, live and share expenses with Devan’s parents in Southern Maine. This helps both family’s out, as his father is in a wheel chair. They are there to help his mom with household tasks, and to help his father with his needs. Devan has a full-time job as well, but will soon be looking for a part-time one because he will be going to school full-time in the engineering field. Zowie will also be starting school in January. Cosmetology school. I could not be more proud of both of them.

Zowie does a lot of cooking from scratch, even making broths. I taught her many frugal skills which are coming in handy now. I’m proud that she is putting these important skills to use. She is able to live a frugal lifestyle to help her family in tough times.

Zowie is a strong-willed, loving young lady whom I lovingly called the Duct Tape Queen for a long time. She used to make wallets and other things from duct tape, and even went to a prom in a dress made from duct tape with a guy whose tux was also made from the tape. I’m proud that she is putting important skills to use while helping to take care of her family and helping out her husband’s family.

Zowie and I do video chats in between visits.

13567235_10154520628192668_6322496671191251711_nLittle Man

Little Man, my precious grandson, turned one last summer. He is the love of our lives, to be sure. My first grandchild. My mothers first great0grandchild. I cannot express how much we all love this little guy.

I took him for our first walk when he wasn’t very old, carrying him as I walked around on my parents property while telling him all sorts of family things. That was our first day of bonding.

The picture here is from our first trip to the playground. Just the two of us. He had fun exploring, even though he was a little iffy at first. We had a grand time!

When Little Man visits his Memay (me), he does not like to sleep by himself. He generally ends up sleeping next to me. He likes for me to read to him, and to sing him Christmas carols. We have lots of fun.

Little Man loves their cat, and made friends with my parents’ cat while visiting on Thanksgiving.

I can’t wait until he is older and able to cook and craft with me!

Little Man joins his mom and I for our video chats in between visits.

I don’t see any of them often, but we do make visits throughout the year. I visit with each of the girls once or twice a year, and they visit with me when they can. Last year, Zowie and Devan brought Little Man for a visit so we could take him to Treworgy Family Orchard. We visited the animals, and my niece and some of her family were there with us. My niece, Haley, did a photo shoot of Little Man, his parents, and myself. It was a grand day, with ice cream and a walk through the corn maze as well.

The three were here this past Thanksgiving. We went to lunch at Governor’s, then visited my parents. It was a great time.

Skye and Dominick will be arriving on Yule and staying for a few nights, and Zowie, Devan, and Little Man will be here on the 23rd for the night. We will go visit my parents again. They’ll all leave on Christmas Eve, but our time together will be precious. It always is when you don’t see each other often.

13584809_10154523269197668_3046897970256845099_oMy Parents

My parents are the next most important people in my world. My mother worked so hard for a lot of years before taking an early retirement. She missed a lot when my siblings and I were growing up, and it hurt sometimes not to have her there for all my important things in school. She did the best she could to provide us with a home, food to eat, and clothes to wear. I now understand why she had to work and couldn’t be there, and I treasure the times she was able to come to my school events.

Those experiences shaped how I wanted to raise my daughters. I knew it was important to always have someone there for their events.

When my girls were young, there were times I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it to their school and church functions. My mom stepped up in a big way. Being retired allowed her the time to get to all the important events my daughters had. If I thought I might be late due to work, she was there for them. I can’t express how much that meant to me, knowing she was there for my girls to count on. I always made it to the events myself, and was rarely even late, but knowing she was there made it so I didn’t have to stress.

My stepfather, Lloyd, is a very hard worker. Even when he isn’t working, he is doing something. He used to work at the same mill as my mom, but ended up getting another job when the mill closed. Now his work is seasonal, which is not a bad thing. He takes the best care of my mom, and I’ll always love and respect him for that.

My parents grow food. Usually a good amount, that they share with my siblings and I, as well as their grandchildren. This helps all of us to save money on groceries. Someday, when I have my own space to garden again, I’ll be asking them to teach me to can food.

I love these two people so much!

10670137_10152821151632668_8003763695079529956_nThe Bestest

Oh the interesting friendship we have. Two different religions. Two different political views. Two different personalities. But we make it work.

We aren’t the hang out every day and talk constantly on the phone kind of bestests. We are the ‘I’m busy with life. You’re busy with life. Let’s hang out when we can and comment and like each others stuff on facebook’ kind of friends. We both work full time to make ends meet. Both earning a little extra on the side from other endeavors. We don’t have all the time in the world for socialization, but we are always there when one of us is needed by the other.

The bestest, I call her Missy, works in activities at a nursing home. She loves her residents, and is so good with them and their families. She cleans for people and helps them out otherwise, on the side. I consider her son my nephew, and she considers my daughters her nieces. She also calls herself great-aunt to my grandson. We’ve been hanging out since junior high.

During Zowie and Devan’s last visit they needed someone to watch Little Man while they went to a wedding and reception. I was working a double while they were here, so she used that time as a bonding experience with him.

These are the people with whom I spend the most time, and they are the one’s you’ll here the most about in these blog posts. However, I have a very large family unit whom I love dearly, and there will be mentions of them as well.

Welcome to my life. To my world.

I hope to learn about yours as well. Introduce yourself and your family. You can do so:

  • here on the blog
  • by emailing me at
  • or by saying hi to me if you see me out and bout, if you live in the Orono or Bangor, Maine areas

I would love to hear from each and every one of you.




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