Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Plans for the Single Mom Family Blog

Good day everyone. I’ve been messing with the theme, and am still doing so, and I have many plans for the blog.

I used to write the Bangor Single Mom channel on, but they decided to shut down. This leaves me with some articles I plan to edit and post here. However, many of the articles I wrote for that venue will not make it onto this blog. These are my plans for Single Mom Family:

  • Go through all the old articles, editing what I intend to place on this blog so I can get them back out for all the single moms to read.
  • While going through all those old articles, I’m putting many aside for projects like:
    • eGuides
    • eBooks
    • an eCookBook for single mom families
    • I’ll be editing and adding new materials to each.
  • Writing blog posts from a fresh perspective.
  • Introducing you to my other blogs and sites. I write more than single mom articles.
  • Bringing single moms together as a community to bounce ideas off each other, ask for and offer advice, build each other up, and help each other be  and feel successful and important.

As you can see, a lot will be happening here on the blog. I hope you enjoy reading everything, and look forward to hearing from you.



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