Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Raising My Girls Alone, Part 2

In Raising My Girls Alone, Part 1, I talked about how four strong women helped me to raise Skye and Zowie, and how grateful I am to each of those women.

But they were not the only people who were there for us. We had a bit wider support system.

We also had my father and stepfather.

The girls Grampy Buck was a smart man. He helped Skye get things she needed for playing softball. He taught the girls many interesting facts, and would take us all out to eat sometimes at his favorite places. Ha talked to the girls about their studies, and told them some things about being in the Vietnam War. He worked a lot when the girls were growing up, showing them that earning their keep is important. And they thought he was funny, always saying fuuny things and singing in the car.

My father was not a handy man by any means but he helped us in a few situations from acquiring a trailer for us to live in to helping out financially when our hot water tank kicked the bucket and ruined flooring and walls.

And he showed respect for my stepfather, commenting on his handyman abilities and telling us if their Grandpa Lloyd was willing to do the work, he was willing to help pay for repairs on our place. Their Grampy Buck knew his strengths and  limitations.

My father visited with us quite a bit before he passed, having been sick for quite some time. Our home was between town where he wanted to spend time and his own home in Greenbush. Our home was a stopping off point during this time for him, where he could rest before making the remainder of the trip home. During this time we’d talk about many different things, and this built his bonds with my girls. For that I am grateful.

My stepfather is indeed a handy man, and he works hard at his job as well. Another role model, teaching my girls that you can take care of yourself and loved ones if you work hard. He got to spend time with the girls when they were growing up, and Skye was always his sidekick. The girls love their Grandpa, and he treats them as if they really are his grandchildren because, in his heart, they are. For that, I am grateful.

He has also taught my girls that you can work out problems when you are in a relationship, and stick together. That every disagreement is not an end-all.

Because he is such a handy man, and because he and mom were grateful that my girls as teenagers would stay weekends at their home to watch over my grandmother so they could get away, their Grandpa Lloyd turned their not-so-great bedroom spaces into workable spaces for them. New flooring and walls  for Skye, and a nice shelving system for Miss Zowie.

These two strong men helped me along my parenting path, offering up advice, answering questions, and helping out in the best way they each knew how.

If you haven’t already, read part 1 of this series:

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Are there important men in your life, and in the lives of your children, who have been part of your support system? How have they been there for you?



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