Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Introducing Frugal is Fabulous!

For me, being a single mom meant living a frugal lifestyle. I still do, for the most part. We did not have a lot of money while my daughters were growing up, so I had to learn to make ends meet, and to do without. I did this happily, knowing my daughters were learning important things as well.

Yesterday I introduced you to Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy, and today I want to tell you about another blog I write – Frugal is Fabulous!. Started in 2007, this is the sister blog to the Frugal Recipes one. They were both created to share my journey through raising my daughters frugally. And there are many stories about how I did this.

I’ll be sharing more stories about raising my daughters here on the blog!

I’ll be changing things up on Frugal is Fabulous! as well, creating eBooks and other things as I have time. Deleting what no longer applies, and adding new ways in which I live frugally. This blog is meant to help anyone needing or wanting to live a frugal lifestyle.

Here are some samples of what is going on over on the blog:



eBooks – On Sale! Only $1.99 each

I’ve put so much work into the blog and its side projects over the years, and I hope you’ll head on over and check it out. Let me know what you think, and ask any questions you may have. I am here to help!

Learn about the sister blog to Frugal is Fabulous!:

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016



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