Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Introducing My Author Site

I like to write nonfiction, but my true (writing) love is fiction. I love to write stories. Crafting plots, creating characters. The whole nine yards. I love the act of writing stories to entertain.

I don’t necessarily like to edit and create graphics, but that’s a different story.

If I could write stories every day and earn a great income for it, that is what I’d do. So far I have a few short stories published, and many more in edit mode. Plus I’m working on a few others. Fiction writing is part of my plan for building my writing career. My favorite part.

As I’ve said before, writing is a passion and my dream is to be able to earn a good income from it.

My site is relatively new, and I worked very hard on it. I describe writing experiences, plans for stories, offer mini stories, and more, right there on the blog. I love to share about what I am working on, as well as other aspects of writing, and where I get my ideas from. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find on the site, as well as related projects:

Blog posts

Free mini stories that go with published stories (The Camp Series)

eBooks of short stories

Many more stories to come, but you can see where I keep myself pretty darn busy now that the girls are young adults, with all the blogging and other writing projects, as well as my ‘day’ job.

Do you like to write stories? I don’t make a whole lot from them. Not yet anyway. But at least I’m making a little extra money here and there and getting the stories in front of people. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll make it big with fiction writing some day. If not, no worries. I’ve had a great deal of fun, and I don’t mind the extra money coming in sometimes. The more stories I publish, the more extra pennies I’ll make.

Happy reading!



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