Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via and Dessange Paris December 2016

Review: DESSANGE Paris Professional Hair Luxury Oleo Miracle Replenishing System

Every so often here on Single Mom Family, I might offer up a review on a book I found helpful or a product I particularly like.  I’ll never offer a review on something I didn’t like, and am always honest in my feelings and thoughts.

As single moms, it’s important we take the time to pamper ourselves. To relax and take care of our own needs. We’re just as important as our children, so why not treat ourselves as such. Mini At-Home Spa Moments are wonderful ways to do this.

Recently the Dessange team contacted me, asking if I’d try, and review, some of their hair care products.I was happy to do so, providing I liked the products. They sent me:

  • DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury  Oleo Miracle Replenishing Shampoo ($9.99, Target)
  • DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury  Oleo Miracle Replenishing Conditioner ($9.99, Target)
  • DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury  Oleo Miracle Replenishing Oil ($11.99, Target)

I just want to say I LOVE these products. After using them, my hair is softer than it has been in years. The fragrance is pleasant and pronounced, and the products don’t leave my hair feeling heavy.

It’s no wonder these products leave hair feeling so soft. They have three different oils: Argan, Camelia,and Pracaxi. They’re infused with nutrients from oranges and gardenia petals, and sandalwood is also used to create them. All the oils and nutrients make these products great for chemically and environmentally damaged hair.

The replenishing oil is a leave-in treatment, and is also a de-tangler. I usually have to wait until my hair is dry to brush it, but I can do so while it’s still wet when using this product. Super BONUS! Especially when I’m in a hurry.

Being a single mom has always meant being on a budget, and that really hasn’t changed now that Skye and Zowie are adults. This means I can’t buy these every single month (sad face). But I can use this system once in a while during my Mini At-Home Spa Moments, buying the set two or three times a year. What a treat!

Enjoy these products. They are on sale until December 24th at Target, then the price will be going back up.

Take care of yourself!




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