Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 14, 2017.

A Much Needed Girls Day!

It’s been a long 2 1/2 months. Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas, and the New Year were extra busy times what with family activities, friends, and work. On top of all that normal stuff, disaster seemed to strike.

  • I was sick three times, and I’m still not completely over the third bout.
  • Sleep was near impossible at my house due to extra loud neighbors who don’t care that their neighbors need their rest.
  • My card was compromised. Someone made three payments on December 22 to Sprint Wireless. Christmas Eve found me on the phone with my card company filing a claim, and I never saw the $375 that was taken until last week. I had enough cash on me for some groceries for the two-week period, and only a few of the cab rides I needed in order to get back and forth. I stayed at work 6 nights, I think, during that time. Thank goodness I work at an inn!
  • Because of the money being taken, I ended up with no phone service and a few other snags financially. But that is okay I guess, because one (if not three) other people had phone service during that time on my dime. (Read that last sentence again, with all the sarcasm you can muster.)
  • Add to this the fact that I always get so depressed at the holidays, and anxious. Ugh. I was having problems keeping my head above water, for sure.

This all left me highly stressed and irritable. I actually hollered and swore at one of my neighbors at 3:00 AM one morning, after he had woken me up for the third time. FACT: I am a sort of cranky over tired person. It’s very important I get my sleep.

The bestest, Missy, was also having problems. I lost track of the number of times her furnace stopped working on the incredibly cold days. I felt so bad for her, and would have loved to have helped her to pay for at least one of the service calls, but I had no money because it had been stolen. Her father did his best to try ti fix the problem, but was unable to. Then one of her loved ones passed away. Oh, how my heart ached for her.

What do bestests do after a bout of illness, heartache, anxiety, stress, and despair?

Eat and shop, of course!

Yup. That’s what we did this past Thursday. It was a much needed break from daily life. We started out at Governor’s, where I bought our lunches. I had a half-and-half plate, and could literally only eat half of it. Scallops, clam tenders, baked potato with sour cream and butter, and a roll. There was nothing about this meal that I should have had (except the lemon water), but it was comforting and oh-so good. I packed half of it up and brought it home to have for dinner.

Before we left, we got desserts to go. I chose a Peanut Butter Nightmare. Brownie, peanut butter frosting, chocolate drizzle… huge! Two layers of nothing good for you. It took me three days to eat the thing, lol. (By the way, I am well aware that I should not have done this. Especially considering all the bad-for-you foods we tend to eat over the course of the holiday season. I’m sure none of it was helping me health-wise.)

We talked about the things that had happened in our lives during this time period, caught each other up on our children. You know the drill. Things needed to be talked about, and we did, fighting back tears through some of it. We came out the other side, and then it was time for some…

Retail Therapy

Yes. We shopped. The bestest and I have a way of shopping for deals. We like to find good buys on the things we need, and on what we want. We found some great deals on Thursday.

I wanted to start out at Wal-Mart for the after Christmas deals. Ordinarily, this shopping trip would have taken place right after Christmas, but I was low on funds due to the card debacle. Wal-Mart was pretty picked over, but I found great deals on what I did buy. Christmas stockings for .09 each, rolls of gift wrap for .24 and .98, and a very fancy Pioneer Woman bowl and sundae cup for $3.00 each. I was happy with what I bought, and got my Shopkicks for entering the store.

We then headed for the mall. We laughed along the way. Chatted. I’m sure it is rough for her to go through the death of her loved one like this, but she is trying and doing a good job of going about daily life. Oh, she has down times, for sure. Who wouldn’t.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 12, 2017. the mall, I walked by Aerie and American Eagle to get my Shopkicks, then went  to Yankee Candle while the bestest checked out JC Penney. I picked up a votive candle and 3 tarts for $1.00 each (regularly $1.99 each). All told, I saved $4.40 on my purchases at that store, I get to try out 4 new (to me) scents, and I put these into my candle basket (when I arrived home) to use during my Mini At-Home Spa Moments. The scents I bought were Winter Glow, Vanilla Bourbon, Apple Cider, and Berry Truffle.

I met the bestest at JC Penney, and we headed over to CJ Banks. She had a gift card and needed new pants. Let me just say I’m happy to stick with my leggings. They are so comfy and affordable. Dress pants cost way too much! But she needed some for work, so she picked up two pair. Somewhere around $90 per pair. Wow. Essentially, when all was said and done, it was like a B1G1 deal, but still…

She had another gift card for Macy’s. We shopped deals again. When hers was wrung up the Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 12, 2017. time, a sale item was applied incorrectly. When we realized this, she went to the returns desk and pointed it out. They gave her another gift card for her trouble. More shopping for her.

While in Macy’s I found Charter Club Super Soft Socks. Normally $10.00 a pair, these were on sale for 50% off. I decided I was willing to pay that price, and wanted a pair to add to my collection of items for my Mini At-Home Spa Moments. All moms need to treat themselves once-in-a-while. When I got to the cash register, they rang up at $2.50, so I saved even more. Macy’s in our area is closing this spring, so their closing sales have already begun.

Super soft socks feel amazing when put on after you apply lotion to your feet. I worked hard to convince the bestest she needed a pair as well.

Girl time is an essential part of life, in my opinion

Goodwill was our last stop, and we found some good deals while there. The food, shopping, and chats helped to lift our moods; a real plus for both of us. Girl time with the bestest is an essential part of life, at least for me.

I’m guessing it is for most of you as well, and would love to hear some stories about your adventures. I plan to share more stories with you as well.

Shopping Memories

All this shopping brought back memories of our shopping experiences when Skye and Zowie were young. Believe it or not, the bestest and I could out-shop my daughters when they when they were little. We’d have to take breaks so they could rest their little legs.

We used to take them yardsaling, after Christmas shopping, Black-Friday shopping (during the days before people would try to hurt to you to get what they wanted), flea market shopping and more. Those girls learned how to shop for a bargain, that’s for sure. Not bad for a single mom with hardly any money to spend. Skye and Zowie usually were included in girl time.

I don’t know about the bestest, but I miss my girls being with us during these trips. I think we need to revisit that tradition.

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Graphic by Shannon L. Buck copyright December 2016

Warmest Wishes,


NOTE: Shopkicks is an app I use on my android phone, that my sister Sheila introduced me to. I’m still learning to use it, and ended up with over 500 Shopkicks on Thursday for entering/walking by stores and scanning an item at one of the stores. When you’ve earned enough kicks, you can get a gift card. I’m saving for a Walmart card. If you click on the Shopkick links in this post and sign up, I’ll get kicks for that, helping me to get to my goal more quickly. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!


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