Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 28. 2017.

Review: UNSTOPPABLE! Surviving is Just the Beginning by Gigi Stetler

“A true tale of lessons learned at knife point and other crises, peaks, and plateaus. As well as a personal commitment to not only survive but to thrive!”

Gigi tells the story of a traumatic event that landed her in the hospital. This tragedy, and the time spent recuperating, started her thinking about all the traumatic events throughout her life, from early childhood up until that point, and how her future didn’t look much better.

I know a lot of us complain about how we keep feeling knocked down each time we rise up after a fall. Sometimes it seems like we keep fighting for not, because something else always happens to drag us back under. Often we want to give up, instead of climb again.

Gigi is a wonder. She is a fighter. I don’t even know where she gets all her energy from.  She’s been through so many bad things, and yet always rises again.

Follow along while Gigi Stetler tells you about the traumatic events in her life, from childhood on, and how she kept falling after rising, and pay attention to her thought processes each time she rises.

This book shows many of us that things could be much worse, but that standing tall and moving forward is the way to go.


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