Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright March 28, 2017.

Things aren’t Always Easy

Many people, when writing blog posts, forget to let you know that everything isn’t perfect. They don’t mention the hard financial times, the crappy attitude day their child had, and any number of other things that aren’t always easy to get through.

They want you to know about all the good stuff they are doing, and the happy times their family have together. But they don’t want to talk about the difficult things.

Things aren’t always easy.

That’s just the way it is. You have bad days. Your children have bad days. Sometimes everything seems to go wrong, and nothing wants to go right.

Maybe your daughter missed curfew and when you walked all the way over town to get her she was incredibly rude to you and tried to embarrass you in front of her friends. (This has happened to me.)

Maybe your young son, despite the fact that you have child-proofed the door because he laready got out once, managed to get out because, even though you can barely use the child-safe mechanism, he in two seconds became an expert. And then a neighbor called the police and you were told it’s child endangerment, even though you tried to prevent it from happening a second time.

Perhaps your teenager’s mood swings some days are so bad no one can say or do anything without setting him or her off. (This has happened in my home.)

Or maybe the washer broke, dinner burned, and the car broke down, all in one day. And you wont have the money to fix anything for three weeks. (Hey, it can happen!)

Whatever is happening, it will pass.

We all have bad days.

Rest assured, parents all over the world are having a bad day – just like you. The sheer number of things that can go wrong are astronomical, and you are not alone.

I’ll bet your not even the only one in your neighbor something negative is happening to today. And I’ll bet that, at least half the time, it isn’t you or your child that’s doing the worst thing that is happening.

Don’t be embarrassed. Sometimes life just sucks.

Sometimes you’ll have a bad day. Sometimes your child will. There will even be days when you and both of your teenage daughters are having a bad day at the same time, and that is even worse! Believe me. I know this one from first-hand experience.

Mom needs a time out!

Mom does not usually put herself in time out, true. But, if your children are old enough to fend for themselves for a bit, why not?

Run yourself a hot bath, or light candles and lay on the bed. If a walk is more your style, go for it. Walks always worked for me. Let yourself blow off steam, in your head. Take some deep breaths, and think positive thoughts.

This is your chance to refocus your energies on a more positive way.

Form a sisterly support group.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your worries with your siblings, especially when they too have no idea what they’re doing. None of us do, really. Not all the time anyway. We’re all just doing the best we can.

Have the older children take care of the younger children, and hide yourselves away with comfort food. Discuss all the things your children are doing to drive you crazy. Discuss your troubles with friends, a family member, a guy.

Talk about everything. Vent. Eat chocolate. Hug it out if you have to. Just get it all off your chest so you can get back to being the most amazing, awesome moms ever.

Take time away with the bestest.

Oh, my goodness. Sometimes no matter what you try, nothing works better than dinner and/or dessert with the bestest. This is when you both get to vent about anything driving you nuts. You take the children to a babysitter, if they aren’t old enough to watch after themselves, and have some much-needed girl time.

If that’s not a long enough period of time to get it all out, plan for an afternoon away – or even an entire day. You’ll feel a whole lot better when you get home.

Do the best you can, Mom.

All we can do is… the best we can do. Seriously. Enjoy the heck out of the good days. Hopefully you’re having more of those anyway. And take the bad days as they come, knowing tomorrow is another day. A better day, with any luck.

Before you know it, the children will be grown and gone. Maybe living in different states or countries.

And you will be alone, still having bad days. Because bad days happen. So just hang in there. Create your support system(s). Use us here if you need to. But remember, everyone has these days and they do pass. Mine daughters are out on their own. I have a grandson. And I have my share of bad days, still.

You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are Awesome. Sparkle. Shine. Feel the love. And remember, you are not alone.




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