Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2017.

Shopping Trips with the Bestest and My Daughters

We didn’t have a lot of money when the girls were growing up, but we sure learned how to find a good deal. Be it yard sales, flea markets, or stores, the bestest and I could find deals on near about anything. And we’d bring my daughters, Skye and Zowie, along for the fun.

Now, it wasn’t always easy for the girls to keep up with us. We’d have plenty of breaks, though, riding here and there. We’d pack a picnic lunch, and some snacks, to have along the way. And sometimes we’d go to a restaurant.

Some of my fondest memories of the girls growing up years were of us shopping with the bestest. Our trips were always a lot of fun, and the girls were generally well-behaved. I could count on them to be good in public places. They loved it when we would be near the water if they could walk along the shore, and one year we brought them to spend a weekend at a cottage on the coast.

Sometimes our shopping trips were kept close to home. Yard sales in the area, thrift stores, clearance sales, the little shops in downtown Bangor, and dollar stores. And other times we’d make our way to the coast, stopping at yard sales, antique stores, and gift shops, and flea markets. Once in a while we’d even go where crafts and homemade fudge are sold, and to Perry’s Nut House. No matter the type of shopping we were doing, it was a good time.

After-holiday clearance shopping was a great adventure. During these trips, Skye and Zowie would have their own money, and Missy and I were looking for great deals. You don’t really see too much for sales like that any more, but once in a while you’ll come across a few items that have been that deeply discounted. It is a rare treat these days, for sure.

We weren’t always looking for deals during our shopping trips, but when we were we did great.

Some of our favorite places to shop back then were Bar Harbor, Camden, and Belfast.

Skye and Zowie sure were troopers, trekking after us here and there.



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