Meme’s and Little Girls

I was lucky enough to have a mom who wanted a close relationship with my daughters, and who lived close enough to have one. I don’t live close to my Little Man, so I don’t see him often, though I wish I could. I was thinking the other day how lucky the girls were to have their Meme nearby.

When I became pregnant with my daughter Skye, I moved back home with my mom, stepfather, and siblings. It was cramped, but a good home for me at that time. I stayed there until Skye was about six months old, then we moved into our own apartment.

During my time at home, my mother took me to all my doctor appointments. She and my Aunt Suzie were there when Skye was born, and she took Skye and I to our appointments thereafter.

When my mother worked the evening shift, Skye would often be awake when she got home, and my mom would rock her to sleep, sitting on the edge of my bed. We’d joke that Skye had waited up for her for those special moments. I think she really did.

My mother was a great source of knowledge about parenting. I learned a lot from her. I remember taking Skye to her appointment and telling the doctor that she was drinking so much formula, and asking if he thought she should have cereal. He told me no. He had a baby too, and they weren’t feeding the baby actual food until such-and-such an age. As soon as he left the room my mother told me we weren’t listening to him because “He doesn’t know what his wife is feeding the baby when he isn’t there.” LOL

Yeah, we made sure we had cereal in the house, and Skye loved it.

After we moved, mom would take Skye to stay with her for weekends and whatnot. Eventually, she did the same with Zowie when she was old enough. This helped their bonds grow.

The girls bond with their Meme grew strong over the years. When my other still worked, she’d take them shopping with her and buy them new shoes like you wouldn’t believe. For all seasons and types of weather, my girls were prepared. They loved their shoe collections, and it saved this single mom a whole lot of money on footwear.

My mother had the girls a lot. I remember her calling me one morning, all upset. She had been pulling out of a parking lot and someone else wasn’t paying attention. They rammed right in to the side of her truck. All she could say was that she was so happy the girls weren’t with her that morning because all the glass ended up in the back seat where they would be sitting. It would have ruined their pretty little faces, she said. I was relieved they were home with me that morning, and that mom was okay.

The girls used to go to camp with their Meme and Grampa Lloyd every so often. They’d fish, hang out, and have great bonding experiences. It was so good for them and their relationships.

Skye had a particularly strong bond with my mother from an early age. We would be at home, and she’d be playing or working in one of her workbooks, and all of a sudden she’d look at me and say “Meme’s calling,” or “Meme’s coming.” Sure enough, a couple of minutes later mom would call or stop in.

Over the years my girls relationship with Meme grew more and more, and to this day she is still one of their favorite people. I love how much they love her, and she them. It is a great thing. And I’m so happy they had those years of bonding.



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