The Paperless Way to Send Cards and More

PaperlessPost provides an excellent way for you to send correspondence without wasting paper. Invitations and birthday cards are just two of the ways you can do this. Working in cooperation with PaperlessPost, I’ve been trying out some of what they have to offer.

My daughter, Zowie’s, birthday is coming right up, so I decided to use her as my first test subject 😀 Zowie is going to be 25 this year. I remember when…

Creating a digital birthday card on PaperlessPost is easy, and takes only a few minutes. They provide you with an address book, for storing all the email addresses of people you’ll want to correspondence to. Zowie was my very first entry!

First I chose the type of digital card I wanted to send, then I followed the simple steps to creating the card. Choosing a backdrop for the card (see the photo below), personalized the inside with a special message to my daughter using a font I found pleasing, and  chose a lining for the envelope that looked nice with the backdrop. I wanted everything to be colorful and cheery for her card. Next I decided on the font and stamp for the front of the envelope.

You can even set up a reply card so the recipient can send a message back.

Zowie loved receiving the card, and thought it was such a cute thing! I know I’ll be sending cards to more people.

  • I love having the option to send out invitations digitally.
  • I like the attractiveness of these digital cards and invitations over other sites I’ve used for invites and events. The cards are well-designed, making them an attractive option.
  • I love that the card are so easily personalized!

Two other features I like are:

  • I was able to send myself a preview of the card, so i could see what the finished product would look like before sending it.
  • They sent me an email confirmation that the card had been sent, within a minute of sending it.

My grandson’s birthday is coming right up, so I’ve been messing around with the digital invitation section. (Update: I sent an invite out!)

I made an invitation for Little Man’s (What I call my grandson.) birthday get-together. He is going to be two next month. His mother and father decided to visit us because we aren’t all going to be able to drive down that way for his birthday party. We’re going to have a small get-together for him at my mother’s place, with cake and ice cream. I sent the invites, letting people know they can stop in throughout the day as they have a chance, and have already received some feedback.

My daughter Skye thought the invitation was cool, and Zowie thought it was super cute! I chose a dinosaur theme that I thought he would like, and it seems to be a hit so far. Zowie told me Little Man loved watching the envelope open on the screen, so he likes it as well.

I love that I’m not wasting so much paper on invites and envelopes that are just going to be thrown away.

This site uses a coin system. You buy coins, then use them to pay for the cards and invitations. The card I made cost 5 coins, and you can buy 20 coins for $6.00. Some of the features I used cost extra coins, such as the envelope liner, so I could have spent less coins than I did. Overall, I’d say it is a good deal.

Besides invitations and birthday cards, there are other types of cards available – and I love the fact that they have digital stationery, which I plan to use when digitally writing to my nephew across the country.

The company even features designers like Rifle Paper Co., Kate Spade New York, and Liberty Fabrics. I can’t wait to play around with the site more, to see what else I can do with it!

(See the card I sent to Zowie, below.)





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