Mother-Daughter Day with Skye <3

Even when our children are grown, they still need us. They still want to hang out with us. At least, that is true for my daughters.

Skye had moved up north when she turned eighteen, and stayed up there until this past October when she finally moved back home. After living hours away for a number of years, she finally lives not far from me. We can visit with each other far more, and do more things.

It’s been a pretty crappy weather. Between the blizzard, the rainy days, and the extremely cold temperatures, being outside was not an option. For people who take buses, walking to bus stops and waiting for our ride was not an option for a few weeks. So Skye and I did not visit during that time.

Monday wasn’t too bad, so we met in downtown Bangor for a mother-daughter afternoon. Our first stop was Paddy Murphy’s. I’d told Skye she could choose the restaurant as long as it was one I hadn’t been to yet. I’m looking to try new places and new dishes.

I was going over the menu, thinking it was just going to be the same old bar food, when I came across a ravioli dish that sounded promising. Stuffed with cheese, they top their ravioli with a butternut squash sauce, bacon, and Parmesan cheese. I chose the Pan-Seared Shrimp to go with it, and the dish came with a side of toasted bread. It was delicious! I will definitely return to enjoy this meal again, and have been recommending it to friends and guests who stay at the inn where I work as a Front Desk Agent.

Skye ordered a soft pretzel burger with a side of onion rings. She seemed just as impressed with her meal as I was with mine. We talked a lot, to catch up on what was happening for each other, and I inquired about her roommate who had moved here with her from Fort Kent. Phil calls me Mama Buck, and I made sure he knew he would be treated like family. (Side note: The three of us hang out too, and I will be visiting them soon enough, bringing with me a package of Ployes!)

Paddy Murphy’s has rustic Irish charm, and I love it. They have karaoke, open mike night, trivia and more. You can play cribbage while you are there, or another card game: We played a hand of Rummy while we waited for our food. And the staff is so friendly!

Once we were done eating, we walked around downtown Bangor, checking out shops along the way.

Skye wanted to take me to Rebecca’s, a quaint little shop with a lot to offer. I just loved it. I found this darling little wooden ‘believe’ sign for my desk. Believe is my word for the year, indicating that I will believe in myself and accomplish what I know I can. I also decided to get some maple jelly to try, and found a gift for my mom.

I’m not sure about you, but I haven’t encountered many shop owners in recent years who will stand with you and talk for any amount of real-time. The owner of Rebecca’s did just that, and we got a real feel for the downtown area and it’s businesses from this conversation. With Skye working in the mall, with so many stores closing, and me working at the inn and seeing how things are changing in that sect, we were able to have quite the conversation.

Then she took me to the Antiques Marketplace. What a wonderful place! I just love old stuff. We both found things we would like to have, and we discussed books and other things while looking around.

Mexicali Blues is another nice little shop downtown. I bought a package of smudge sticks so I can clear my space, incense, and this cute little bracelet. I don’t usually spoil myself so much!

The Briar Patch will become a favorite place for sure, as most book stores usually do. The cashier was so nice when we asked about gift cards. Little Man (my grandson) may be getting one for Yule! And The Rock and Art Shop will also be a favorite for the gems and what not, and the little art gallery toward the back of the store.

To end our afternoon we walked in around a bit to see the sites, and then Skye brought me to Bagel Central. We had dessert.

The Lemon Cream Roll was simply amazing, and Skye loved the Cheesecake. I also took home an Eclair to enjoy the next day. We discussed my writing and other things while there. Apparently, as long as you order food, you can sit there with your laptop and write or whatever for a while. Good to know in case I end up having to move to that area.

It was such a lovely day of catching up and spending time together. We both needed that time, and I’m glad she lives closer now so we can hang out more often.

We need our adult children, too.



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